Stravex Transport-und Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Finkenwerder Weg 6
21129 Hamburg
Tel:  + 49 40 3348703 00
Fax: + 49 40 3348703 99

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Socially Responsible Projects

Socially Responsible Projects

        • Stravex organises support for Ukraine, permanently collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine and transports it from Hamburg directly to where it is needed.
        • Our company facilitates non-profit cultural, educational and art projects in Hamburg as detailed below:
          • Tanzbrücke e.V., an association for youth development in music, dance, sport, art and other disciplines, and winner of many German and international competitions.
          • Chabad Lubavitch Hamburg, a Jewish cultural and religious organisation that offers support and education and preserves the Jewish cultural heritage in Northern Germany.
          • “Schlaue Schule e.V.” (“The Smart School Society”), an educational and cultural project which coaches and educates the children of foreigners and refugees in school subjects, languages and music.
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