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Rail freight

Optimum rates for railway fares for every destination

  • Railway freight transport from Germany to all European and Central Asian countries

  • Multimodal transport (Railway/ship/truck)

  • Longstanding cooperation with public and private railway operators including Deutsche Bahn, Metrans, PKP, Kasachstan Temir Zholi, Ukrzaliznicja etc.

  • Railway container transport in Europe and Asia

    • Pre-carriage and delivery of container with truck

    • Container sales and rentals

    • All Container types (20 DV, 40 DV, 40 HC, 40 HCPW, 45’, OTs, Flats)

  • Conventional railroad transport

    • Transport of large cargo lots

    • Heavy and oversize transports

    • Railway transport with wagons and flat wagons

    • Reloading ship/train in Hamburg and Bremerhaven

    • Reloading train/truck on the eastern border of the EU (Lublin, Helm, Malacevice)
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