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Fulfilment (FBA),                        3PL- and 4PL- services


Fulfilment (FBA), 3PL- and 4PL- services

  • Stravex Transport- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH – is a universal fulfilment operator for marketplaces in Germany, Europe and around the world. Stravex provides operational and administrative services on organizing transport and warehouse logistics via the warehouse in Hamburg (Germany), customs clearance in Germany and in the EU, storage and combining of goods in Hamburg.

  • Cargo delivery services by Stravex are designed to take into account all the specifics of e-commerce and business on Amazon, Zalando and other marketplaces and retailers. We have the necessary capacities in Hamburg, Germany and all over the European Union (EU) and well-functioning transport and warehousing logistics of any volumes.

  • Stravex offers an “all-in” solution and individual services ranging from delivery from a manufacturer or supplier specified by the customer, pick-up of goods at the port Hamburg and Bremerhaven, placement of goods in a warehouse in Hamburg, customs clearance of goods in Germany and other European Union (EU) countries, packaging/repackaging, palletizing, labelling, neutralization of goods, registration in accordance with the requirements of marketplaces (Amazon, Zalando, etc.) and delivery to their warehouses in Germany and other European countries.

  • Stravex offers optimal solutions for your 3PL logistics tasks in Germany and the EU, both for B2B and B2C.
    • Delivery of your goods to a warehouse in Germany (Hamburg) from anywhere in the world.
    • Safe storage of your goods in a bonded warehouse in Hamburg, Germany.
    • Commissioning and sorting of goods in accordance with the requirements of the customer and marketplaces.
    • Marking, labelling, repackaging and neutralization of goods in our warehouse in Hamburg.
    • Palletizing of cargo.
    • Door-to-door delivery in Germany and in most European countries.
    • Customs clearance in Germany without intermediaries by our customs department.
    • Fiscal customs clearance in Germany for any European company.
    • Services of a customs representative and contract holder in Germany on behalf of a German company.
    • Functions of direct and indirect representation in Germany.
    • Opening your representative office in Germany through our subsidiary
    • Outsourcing of foreign economic activity in Germany. Providing a legal address in Germany, conducting operational and administrative activities of your representative office in Germany.
    • Obtaining a VAT number and obtaining an EORI number in Germany.
    • Tax support in Germany and obtaining the necessary licenses.
    • Distribution of goods in Germany, in other European Union (EU) countries as a distributor or partner in the EU.
    • Implementation of mutual projects in Germany and EU countries either based on partnership or as a contractor.
  • Quality fulfilment service in Germany from Stravex is a high-quality execution of all processes, from the moment of placing an order until the moment the order is delivered to the client.

  • Stravex Transport- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH is your professional and reliable partner in 3PL and 4PL logistics and fulfilment for small, medium and large businesses in Hamburg, Germany and all over the European Union.