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Customs clearance in EU

Customs clearance in Germany
Import, export and transit documents in EU

  • Import and export formalities in Germany and corresponding source/destination countries
    • Customs clearance in Hamburg
    • Customs clearance in Germany
    • Fiscal representation in Germany for all countries of the European Union (EU)
    • Direct representative in Germany
    • Indirect representative in EU
    • Customs clearance in Switzerland
    • Custom declaration in the Ukraine
    • Customs declaration in China
    • Customs clearance in the USA
  • Registration in Germany, application of the VAT- and EORI- number in Germany 
  • Drafting export declarations (EXA)
    • EXA in Hamburg
    • EXA all over Europe
  • Drafting Transit declarations (T1)
    • Transit declarations (T1) in Hamburg
    • Transit declarations (T1) in Germany
    • Transit declarations T2L
    • Transit declarations (T1) in the Switzerland
  • Drafting e-VDs for excise duty free shipping

  • Neutralizing freight and accompanying documents

  • Export customs clearance for sea cargo transportations
    • B-Number for EU cargo
    • Z-Number for cargo for third countries
  • Procuring TIR Carnet and CMR according to the customs regulations of all relevant countries

  • Assistance in preparing certification documents in east European and central Asian countries

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