Transport China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

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Quick and reliable delivery of cargo from Germany, Austria and other European countries to China, Hongkong and Taiwan

We offer the following professional freight service from/to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan:

  • Sea transport from/to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan:
    • Regular container sea freights FCL to Europe from the ports in the Far East (Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Yantian, Xiamen, Tianjin, Nansha, Guangzhou etc.)
      • New: Priority service by sea freights with confirmed booking date.
    • Weekly mixed consignment containers LCL to/from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan via Hamburg by sea
    • Weekly container part shipments to/from China via Hamburg and Warsaw by rail
    • Oversized and heavy goods, project cargo to/from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan of the machinery, industrial and construction equipment
    • Multimodal transportation between Far Eastern and other countries
    • Pre-carriage and freight in China, Hongkong and Taiwan by truck and by rail


  • Rail transports China-Germany
    • Regular container rail transports along the Silk Road and by other routes from China (Yiwu, Zhengou, Huangdao, Wuhan, Suzhou etc.) to Germany (Hamburg, Duisburg, Munich), Poland (Warsaw, Malaszewicze
    • Weekly container part shipments to/from China via Hamburg and Warsaw by rail


  • Air freight to/from China, Hongkong and Taiwan from/to Austria, Germany, Belgium and other European countries 
    • Pre-/on-carriage to/from the main airports by truck
    • Customs clearance in the airports
    • Shipping with freighter and regular passenger aircrafts
    • Air freight by China Southern Airline, Cathay Pacific, Air China Cargo, Emirates, Lufthansa, Cargolux, KLM, Swiss Air, DHL, Fedex etc.;
    • Special air freight prices on the air freights from the airports Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong und Taipei to/from Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Luxembourg.

We carry out transports to/from Far East (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China) from/to Germany and the following countries in Europe and Central Asia: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden and Estonia.