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Secure transports, warehouse logistics and customs clearance

A very warm welcome to the Internet site of STRAVEX! Our logistics company is located in Hamburg, Germany. We are a team of professional logistics specialists, who have been involved in organizing and carrying out shipments between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas for many years. Since 2002 we have offered worldwide customer-oriented shipping and warehousing logistics services and solutions, all at a convincing price-performance ratio.

Because we maintain regular truck consignment lines all over Europe, as well as global scheduled services by air, rail and see freight, we can reliably and quickly carry out your order - anytime. Besides our transportation and warehousing services, we also handle the complete customs formalities in Germany and in corresponding destination countries. This ensures that our customers do not have to be concerned with the time-consuming formalities at the local customs offices, and your business partner receives the cleared cargo right at their doorstep.


Our transport services include road freight transports to the Ukraine, air, see and rail freight from China, oversized and overweight cargo from and to Germany, consignment sales and component distribution around Europe, groupage freights to Poland, cross docking and cargo handling at our bonded warehouse in Hamburg, container transportation to Uzbekistan, weekly transportation of goods to the United States of America etc. These services are diligently carried out by our team of professionals, with every wish of the customer in mind.

We have positioned ourselves as a private medium-scale freight forwarding company, where customers are not served by call-center agents, but by a specially assigned logistics manager, whose ultimate goal is the highest customer satisfaction and who is flexible to assist the customer with advice and service at all times.


Our company was granted with AEO-Status (Authorised Economic Operator) in 2017. The AEO status is an internationally recognized accreditation in the global supply chain. It confirms that systems, processes, professional competence of the staff, as well as the reliability and liability of the company have been audited by European customs and financial authorities, that the international supply chain is secure, and that customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. The AEO-certification is one of the highest international approved quality standards.


We are constantly optimizing our service, our quality management and our processes and are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.


Entrust your logistics to specialists dedicated to working for you!

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