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Bonded warehouse Germany

Professional and customer-oriented warehouse services in Hamburg, operating under a dual control principle

Our modern bonded warehouse in Germany is situated at the freeport Hamburg, near the container terminals, and has an approval to operate as a bonded warehouse Hamburg and tax warehouse Hamburg.

We don’t just offer any warehouse service. We offer REAL warehouse services!

We employ the dual-control principle, which means that each order is carried out with an additional inspection and examination by an experienced specially trained controller. This way we avoid improper loading, shortages and improper processing. Trusted employees, constant checks and modern security equipment ensure that we enjoy an outstanding reputation, not just with our customers but also with our insurance company.

Services at our warehouse in the Port of Hamburg include:

    • Storage and shipment of palletized and non-palletized cargo
      • Reloading containers in Hamburg and reloading containers in Bremerhaven
        • Cross docking service in Hamburg and Bremerhaven
      • Order picking, sorting, tagging and labelling
      • Packing and repackaging of goods
      • Palletizing cartons
      • Long and short-term warehousing
      • Transshipments of containers in Bremerhaven
      • Consolidation of shipments in Hamburg
        • Handling and worldwide distribution of small shipments (consolidated cargo)
        • Handling and processing of individual goods 
    • Long-term storage at customs warehouse Hamburg without customs clearance
      • Long-term duty free storage in Hamburg as transit goods
      • Approval as customs duty sender and receiver
      • Simplified Transit at the Port of Hamburg
      • Assistance in temporary imports, inward and outward processing 
    • Tax warehouse Hamburg (excise warehouse)
      • Warehousing and handling of goods subject to excise duties (alcohol, coffee etc.)

    • 3PL logistics services in Germany
      • FBA fulfillment logistics solutions   
      • Storage and pre-sale preparation of gooods for marketplaces   
    • Neutral inspection of goods (amount, quality, lab values)


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